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2009-01-12 20:14:41 by Mrpink135

hey people of newgrounds i need an animator as i am too lazy to do good you jave seen if your interested send me your remake of FWS 2 to

in the wake of randomness i made a comic and now it's coming to you IN MY PATTENED SHODDY FLAS EDITION

OH YA waffles eh

2008-12-22 02:24:08 by Mrpink135

SO ya i will be releasing seeing as my first one seems pretty popular many more flashes with my buddy kris and maybe a collab hhhhmmmm i dunno maybe they'll get better but right now i'm lazy so you gotta deal with this crap =3

First Game

2008-07-14 18:08:45 by Mrpink135

I've upload the first thing i've ever made today yippe